Centre for International Human Resource Management

Global Human Resources Research Alliance

The Global Human Resources Research Alliance (GHRRA) is a leading-edge research programme tasked with furthering academic and practitioner knowledge of global human resource management. Their research study, devoted to analysing and evaluating the nature of international human resource management, was conducted by an international team of dedicated business school academics from four leading universities:

  • Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK
  • CAHRS, Cornell University, USA
  • INSEAD, EU and AP
  • Erasmus, Rotterdam School of Economics, EU

Participating Companies

  • UK: Rolls Royce, Oracle, British Telecom, BAe Systems, Sealed Air , Daikin
  • Asia: Samsung , Matsushita , SIAM , Infosys , TCL
  • Europe: Unilever, ABB, Proctor and Gamble, Siemens, Total, EDF
  • US: American Express, Shell, International Business Machines (IBM)

Research Report

The findings of the research study were published as a report in 2006, available in Adobe Acrobat format:

Download the Best Practice and Key Themes in Global Human Resource Management project report (pdf, 210KB)

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