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Sep 20 Strategic HR Review
What is the best approach to reward in a multinational?
What is the best approach to reward in a multinational? It depends. The operating environment of most multinationals is one of bewildering complexity ... Dr Jonathan Trevor, Co-director of the Center for International Human Resource Management, Cambridge Judge Business School ... Read more »
Mar 1 Employee Benefits
Is your pay system working against you?
Securing employee performance through pay is now standard practice for most employers, large or small, domestic or multinational ... Strategic pay systems can do more harm than good , says Dr Jonathan Trevor ... Read more »
Feb 2 RBS.com
Perspectives on simplifying complexity
Dr Jonathan Trevor of Cambridge Judge Business School and EIU Managing Editor discuss the main findings of the EIU research ... Read more »
Jan 12 The Wall Street Journal (Future of Leadership Program)
Can Pay be Strategic? - Podcast from Cambridge about new book
In his new book Dr Jonathan Trevor Co-Director of the Centre for International Human Res ... Co-Director of the Centre for International Human Resource Management at Cambridge Judge Business School examines, through case studies , the global and … Read more »

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Dec 15 The Wall Street Journal (The Future of Leadership Programme)
The transformation of UK public services - podcast from Cambridge
It is possible to transform public service delivery says Dr Jonathan Trevor, Co-Director, Co-Director of the Centre for International Human Resource Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, but the solutions will have to come from … Read more »
Nov 25 Britain's Top Employers
Virtual teams are the future
Geographically diverse teams in multinational companies may be harder to manage than traditional teams, but these collaborative virtual teams are becoming increasingly important ... according to Professor Lynda Gratton of London Business School, the very make-up of teams gives them an ability to innovatively solve complex problems ...
Feb 8 The Australian Financial Review
Get behind the drivers of change
Jon Stegner knew there was a major problem with the purchasing process at his employer, farming equipment manufacturer John Deere, and it was costing the company a fortune ... quoting the University of Cambridge Judge Business School human resources lecturer, Jonathan Trevor: "I think the default comfort zone for managers and leaders are the technical aspects ... Read more »
Jan 1 Strategic HR Review
Thought leaders share their views on the HR profession and its direction for the future
The HR department, it seems, is on a constant quest for influence and credibility ... Philip Stiles is Director of the Centre for International Human Resource Management (CIHRM) and University Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge Business School ...

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Dec 8 The Independent
There are strong parallels between the current concerns over city pay and executive remuneration. Namely, ever-increasing levels of performance-based compensation that, in the interests of retaining vital talent, does not decrease when firms fail to perform. Dr Jonathan Trevor, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge ... Read more »
Dec 7 The Times
Realistic remuneration and tax
Banks must have the courage to lose "valued" staff in the short term in the interests of survival and success in the long term ... success in the long term. Dr Jonathan Trevor, Lecturer, Judge Business School University of Cambridge ... Sir, Supposedly only expenditure wholly ... Read more »
Nov 17 People Management
Mutiny on the bounty
As investment banks line up to report vastly improved results for this year, large City payouts will inevitably cause an uproar. But, asks Jane Pickard, ... promoted or given pay rises. Jonathan Trevor, lecturer in HR at Judge Business School, Cambridge, says that the evolution from a simpler form ... Read more »
Nov 3 The Economist Intelligence Unit
The burning platform: how companies are managing change in a recession
According to Harvard Business School professor John Kotter, the reason many change initiatives are unsuccessful is that they fail to establish a sense of urgency. The current economic crisis provides the perfect burning platform ... According to Jonathan Trevor, lecturer in Human Resources and Organisations, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, it is management's focus on the short term that contributed to the current economic downturn ... Read more »

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Nov 30 The Sunday Times
Tonic for the jobs market: the downturn is forcing firms to be more effective when it comes to finding staff
Dr Jonathan Trevor is interviewed on how recruiters need to be more effective in finding staff. Read more »
Oct 1 Employee Benefits Magazine
Beat challenges of implementation
Dr Jonathan Trevor discusses the challenges of implementing a flexible benefits scheme and offers some tips for ensuring a successful transition. Read more »
Feb 4 Employee Benefits Magazine
Adapt best practice to suit own needs
In an article about running the perfect employee benefits scheme and so-called best practices, Dr Jonathan Trevor says there are gold standards in perks. "Within the current trends in benefits best practice, these principles are associated most closely with the use of flexible benefits and total reward statements, which detail the street value of benefits received." Read more »
Jan 4 HR Magazine
Technology guide: Wikinomics - the world is now your talent pool
In an article on collaborative content generation on the web, Dr Jonathan Trevor comments on the negative issues that are emerging in open source innovation. Read more »

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